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Do we get the digital negatives?
YES! We do offer packages that will come with a copy of the digital negatives.

 Do you offer wedding albums?
YES! High quality albums are what we specialize in. We are very proud of crafting something unique. And we want it to be 100% you from the custom design right down to the leather covering. Don't underestimate the importance of an amazing wedding album. It will be an heirloom you'll have for generations. 

Do you do engagement sessions?
Of course we. do. This is our time to think big and create something awesome! Engagements sessions are just outright fun for us and are already included in most packages.

I'm looking at a few wedding photographers right now thats OK right?
YES! Trust me, We want you to be as educated as possible! That will just make your decision a better one. Any questions whatsoever, I would be happy to help.

What do wedding collections typically start out at?
All inclusive wedding collections start at $3499. All collections will include a custom-made album and an engagement session. Although being on a strict budget can be very important and play a huge role in your wedding photography, We have heard of way too many horror stories of bad wedding photographers. Remember, this is one of the biggest days of your life. You won't keep your food or decorations, but you'll keep your images forever.
I want to book you! Where do I start and how much do I need to put down?

High five! You can simply contact me on here. Or, feel free to call me. $500 locks in your date and insures that you have me for that date and no one else does. Your package can be picked out at a later date if you please.

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